societal activity

Veijo Baltzar is a significant opinion leader in Finland and internationally. Baltzar began his active involvement in political discourse in the 1960s. Today he is known as a forerunner and a pioneering leader in issues of multiculturality and cultural policies. Baltzar cooperates closely with the leading Finnish and European politicians. He organizes forums and conferences in order to promote new competences, with the purpose of building sustainable and peaceful culturally diverse Europe.

Recent projects
Miranda - the Roma Holocaust
Travelling Exhibition

The exhibition tells about the silenced genocide of the Roma in Europe during the Second World War through an authentic story of Slovakian-born Roma Holocaust survivor Miranda. 


Miranda represents a unique and innovative cultural and pedagogical product. Instead of focusing on atrocities or victim hood of the Roma, the exhibition speaks through arts and brings forth the values, soul and culture of the Roma people in past and present.

Tour in Finland 2012-















International Openings

38 million European citizens reached!


Museum of Occupations, Tallinn
11 May – 31 Oct 2017

Valga Museum, Valga

10 Oct 2018

Miranda on television

24 Jan 2018,  Ceská televise, Culture News

24 Jan 2018,  Ceská televise, Event News

8 Aug 2017,  M5TV, Cultural news (TV)

2 Aug 2017,  TA3, Spoločnosť si uctila
                      obete rómskeho holokaustu,
                      mnohé z nich boli zo Slovenska

1 Jul 2017,    HRTI (National TV) 

15 May 2017,1TV Baltic Channel, Reportage
                      about Miranda in Riga Ghetto

Miranda - the Roma Holocaust
Online Exhibition

Inaugurated in European Parliament in 2018


“Many languages, many arts – one Europe”

Upgrade 2018! is dedicated to the promotion of Intercultural Dialogue in the Baltic region and building a sustainable multicultural society based on a common analysis of the course of society and international cultural cooperation. As a result of the conferences, an international cultural cooperation strategy was born, discussed and built on the basis of 20 cross-disciplinary law initiatives by Veijo Baltzar for renewing EU’s policies of multiculturalism, which was introduced and
discussed during the conferences.

The first Networking Conference

28-29 May 2018, House of European Union, Riga, Latvian

”The disappearance of emotional intelligence is a serious threat to humanity. Without emotional intelligence, societal trends are hollow and empty. They only pursue temporary benefit, and through the next generations they will already turn negative, producing negations for mankind and nature. However, initiative Upgrade2018! has indicated that we can still witness high spiritual resources and state of will in our societies”.
  Veijo Baltzar

Nordic Roma Artist Platform

Upgrading the status of Gipsy and Romani arts and artists within the Nordic region. 

”There is no nation without its artists, nobelists and societal status” Veijo Baltzar

An international expert Jury made the selection of the group of artists who will be presented in NRAP online-platform:

The GIMARA Artist Residency Programme

World's first residency programme
for Gypsy artists

The Conscience of Europe

The project represented a unique occasion, as European ministers and leading politicians came to discuss multicultural policies and their reform to an event hosted by a cultural actor with a minority background.

The Forgotten Genocide

In the spring of 2010 the Drom Association organized "The Forgotten Genocide" in Helsinki. It was an international series of events dedicated to the Roma Holocaust. The former president of Finland Tarja Halonen acted as the patron of the project.

"The Roma and the Holocaust" seminar featured recognized Finnish and foreign experts as speakers. The proceedings were chaired by former Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen, Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Roma Council Pekka Haavisto, Cultural Counsellor Veijo Baltzar and Taito Lehmusta.

Associated Organizations

Creative Association
for Arts and Culture Drom


Drom Productions

International Roma

Writers Assiciation (IRWA)

Prizes and Awards

2019     The "Overall Winner" prize and the 1st prize in painting and sculpture,                  book of poetry and short story categories in the international Amico Rom              Arts Competition. Lanciano, Italy.

2017     Artist pension, granted by Arts Promotion Centre Finland as recognition
             for meritious artistic activity

2016     Finalist and honorable mention (international recognition for 50-year
             activity for the benefit of European Roma), European Roma Spirit Award
             (ERSA). Bratislava, Slovakia

2011     An honorary title of Cultural Counsellor, kulttuurineuvos, granted by
             the President of Finland Tarja Halonen.

2008     Mikael Agricola medal celebrating 40-year literary career. Helsinki,
             Tammi publisher.

2002     Arvo Turtiainen literature prize.

2000     The 2nd prize in the international “Amico Rom” - competition. Lanciano,

1999     The 3rd prize in the international “Amico Rom” - competition. Lanciano,

1992     The Art award of the Province of Kuopio.

1991     The Culture award of county Rautalampi.

1981     The theatre action of the year. Awarded by Finnish Theatre Center.

1980     1st prize in the Golden Harp – competition in Dublin for TV-play The
             Red Garden (manuscript)